Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Story Time at the Library

I have posted before about public libraries, school libraries, librarians, and browsing in libraries. I have also written about reading to children. Today I want to write about a combination of those topics: “Story Time” in libraries. Most public libraries, and some school libraries, have some variation of Story Time, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly. Librarians read to young children, lead them in song, have them repeat simple poems, and sometimes have them clap, move and dance. Sometimes puppets or small props are involved. Children respond with animation and pleasure; their laughter and bright eyes display their joy. They learn about the world of books, about language, about music and rhythm, about sharing the pleasure of books and stories, and more. Accompanying parents enjoy the experience as well; it provides special, memorable child-parent moments. When my daughter was small, I would take her to Story Time at our local branch of the public library, and was always impressed by the skill and enthusiasm of the children’s librarians, and by the joy the children expressed during these sessions. Twenty-five years later, I can still picture these happy occasions.

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