Friday, June 10, 2011

Memorable Meals in Fiction

Writers of fiction often write vividly and sensuously about meals. I have posted about memorable characters (3/6/11), memorable settings (3/11/11), and memorable children (5/2/11) in fiction; today I list a few memorable meals.

-Proust’s madeleine with tea in “Swann’s Way”
-The Morkan sisters’ dinner party for the Feast of the Epiphany in “The Dead” (Joyce)
-Mrs. Ramsey’s dinner for family and friends in “To the Lighthouse” (Woolf)
-The reunion meals of the six characters in “The Waves” (Woolf)
-The famous sensual, seductive meal in “Tom Jones” (Fielding)
-Hemingway eating oysters in “A Moveable Feast”
-The March girls taking their Christmas meal to the poor family in “Little Women” (Alcott)
-Jo’s botched meal in “Little Women” (Alcott)
-The dinner party in “Larry’s Party” (Shields)
-All the meals in Laurie Colwin’s novels

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