Monday, March 19, 2012

On Trying Not to Repeat Myself

I have been writing this blog long enough now (a little over two years) that I occasionally can’t remember if I have already written about a certain author or topic. I do have a “system” of keeping track; it is elementary and low-tech, but it works. I have a document on which I list all my post titles by date, and also by category (books, authors, reading, lists, etc.); whenever I do a new post, I immediately enter that information on those lists. However, now that I am up to almost 600 posts, if I have a question about a prior post, or a possible prior post, even looking up a specific topic is not absolutely simple or quick. The “find” function on Word is helpful but not infallible. I would be highly embarrassed if I repeated myself. Although probably very few readers would remember, I am guessing someone would. So I hope my memory, backed up by my recording system, keeps me from making that mistake!


  1. I haven't noticed your repeating anything. I sometimes use the search feature on your blog to look up a certain book. I wonder if that would help you. Congrats on finding something new and fresh to say almost every day for over two years! (And ps I don't think it would be the worst thing in the world if you did repeat yourself occasionally!)

    1. Good suggestion, Mary. And thanks for those kind words!


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