Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Everything I Am Reading Now

I believe I have mentioned here that I am usually reading several things at a time, and go back and forth among them. Because at certain times I feel more like reading certain books or periodicals. Or certain books or magazines are easier to carry if I will be out and about. Or a library book is due soon, or overdue. Or I plan to discuss a certain book with someone, or pass it on to someone, so it goes to the top of the pile. Right now I have even more than usual on my partly-read pile; to give you a flavor of the combinations I usually have in my currently-reading pile, I list the items here, in the order, more or less, in which I started them. 1. “Mending: New and Selected Stories,” by Sallie Bingham. 2. “Preacher’s Lake,” by Lisa Vice. 3. “The Memory Chalet,” by Tony Judt. 4. “The Last September,” by Elizabeth Bowen. 5. The July 2/9, 2012 issue of The Nation magazine. 6. “Interpreting Experience: The Narrative Study of Lives,” edited by Ruthellen Josselson and Amia Lieblich. 7. “Gone,” by Cathi Hanauer. 8. The July 12, 2012 issue of The New York Review. 9. Today’s edition of the San Francisco Chronicle, the print version. 10. I am also listening to Anne Lamott’s “Some Assembly Required” on CD in the car. Note the mixture of novels, short stories, memoir, scholarly work, and periodicals; this is a pretty typical conglomeration for me. I am pretty sure I will finish all of these eventually, although not in the same order I started them. I will also be posting about some of these in the near future.

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