Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saving Newspapers While Away From Home

I have written more than once about how much I love reading the newspaper, the physical newspaper (online only in a pinch or for updates on urgent news). The main newspaper I read, as a San Francisco Bay Area resident, is the San Francisco Chronicle, which I have subscribed to for many, many years. My day doesn't feel complete unless I have read the Chronicle. (I also, supplementarily, intermittently read the New York Times on paper and online, and have subscribed for years to the New York Times book review.) When I travel, I always ask my husband to save the newspaper while I am gone. If we both go, I ask someone else to pick it up and save it for us, or ask the Chronicle to hold and then deliver all copies. Of course when I get back, it takes a while -- usually gradually over a period of a few days -- to work through the pile of back copies. For example, I got back from a five day conference trip to Seattle this past Monday, and only this morning finished plowing through the backlog of Chronicles. And I do skim through them faster than I would normally. I have had some friendly ribbing about this from various family members and friends, but I can't, and don't see any reason to, change this habit. (At least one of my brothers does the same...). Even if I have read local papers at the place I am visiting, or the New York Times, while I was gone, I want to catch up on state and local news, my favorite columnists, and more. I guess I am one of a diminishing tribe of addicted readers of the old-fashioned paper newspaper...and proud of it!

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