Thursday, January 3, 2013

Story Delivery to Your Door!

Imagine having a wonderful short story delivered by mail (not email, regular mail) to your home every three weeks! This is what the organization One Story does ( I found out about this when a friend from school days, who reads this blog, generously gave me a subscription. I received the first issue -- a slim pamphlet-sized publication -- a few days ago: the story is “You, On a Good Day,” by Alethea Black. In this beautifully written and evocative story, a female narrator starts every sentence with “You do not…,” telling of all the ways she restrains herself from saying and doing what she feels like saying and doing about the negative things in her life. And yet, at the end of the story, there is the lovely gift of some hope, some positivity. The structure of the story is effective, even hypnotic, and the experiences narrated are deeply felt. I had heard of Alethea Black before, but hadn’t read her work; now I will seek it out.

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